This article talks about the natural bridge wildlife ranch in San Antonio TX.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio

In one moment, your car is surrounded by friendly and hungry zebras. In another, you spot a pack of majestic antelopes grazing under the shade of a mesquite tree while a group of ostriches wander nearby. Take it all in and you would be forgiven for thinking you’re on a safari through the remarkable wilds of Africa. Instead, you’re midway through a tour of the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio. More than 400 acres of scenic sloping hills and creek beds provide a serene home to more than 500 animals representing 40 exotic species. See, interact with, and even feed some of these creatures during your very own self-guided Texas-style safari. Serving up plenty of educational family-friendly fun, a visit to this San Antonio attraction is ideal for youngsters and the young at heart.

Your globe-spanning wildlife safari in Texas starts behind the wheel of your very own car. With a handy guidebook that will help you identify all the ranch’s animals, you’ll cruise along the scenic winding roads spotting American bison, kangaroos, African crowned cranes, and much more. Don’t drive too fast as some of these animals will walk right up to your vehicle, an ideal time to unroll your window and reach out with a handful of food or strike a pose for a one-of-a-kind selfie. Although any time of the year is good to visit, spring offers the best chance to see young zebras, llamas, antelopes, and other animals.

Although your self-guided wildlife safari could fill up most of your day, it is by no means the only thing to do at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. Get face-to-face with a towering giraffe, watch energetic ring-tailed lemurs play, and snap a photo of a gorgeous peacock at the Walk-A-Bout part of the ranch. Then take your kiddos to the Petting Barnyard, where they can interact with African pygmy goats and other furry friends.

Spend enough time exploring the ranch and you’ll likely work up an appetite as big as the Serengeti, so herd your flock on over to the Safari Camp Grill. The eatery’s menu features fare both light and robust, as well as a dessert selection that includes Zebra a la Mode. Speaking of dessert, you can also stop by the Safari Sweet Spot for some homemade fudge or a cold beverage. Order whatever your taste buds crave, then sit on the covered patio and watch the giraffes meander by. Think you’re done yet? Not a chance! After all, what would a visit to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch be without a souvenir? Pay a visit to the Safari Trading Post for a unique memento, such as a t-shirt, cup, silver giraffe pendant, or even an ostrich egg.

Embark on an African-style safari right here in Texas, and enjoy a remarkable day out with the whole family, at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

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