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Home Inspectors Who Have Your Back

While other inspectors are looking out for your

Homebuilder... Mortgage Lender... Realtor

Our Inspectors are looking out for you!

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The Premier Lackland AFB Texas Home Inspection Company

Whatever your role in an upcoming realty purchase, contracting a Lackland AFB certified home inspection company may be one of the soundest investments you make to protect one of the largest investments of your life. The role of a home inspection company is often overlooked by buyers and home sellers during a real estate transaction. However, on this page we will outline the reasons that hiring a dependable firm on your own could be the wisest choice you make as you work on a very large transaction. Here at PrimeFirst Inspections, we hold ourselves to the top standards when it comes to applying the best procedures of the house inspection industry. Amongst Lackland AFB home inspection companies, our employees are second to none whens it come to education, certifications, and most important, client satisfaction. And every single team member shares a passion for giving exceptional services above our client's expectations.

PrimeFirst Inspections takes a relatively uncommon position by most companies, because we pride ourselves on not being on any preferable home inspectors list. You will not catch our name suggested by any Lackland AFB mortgage lender, general contractor, or real estate agent. You heard that correctly ... we are proud to cultivate our firm with the help of references and we turn away any sort of opportunities to become preferable Lackland AFB home inspectors. We have observed where being a preferred Lackland AFB home inspector brings with it an unethical "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" relationship.

Being a preferred vendor for our team would be a direct violation of our founding principle. PrimeFirst Inspections is devoted to being an independent third-party inspection company. The Lackland AFB, TX customer's interest is the only interest that we are safeguarding. Not that of a bank or building contractor. No matter if you are buying or selling your house, or if you are investing in , your financial interests are our only concern and the reason why several home builders and mortgage lenders are not our biggest fans.

We invite you to review below and learn how the independence of a Lackland AFB, Texas home inspection firm can set an assured tone for your real estate deal.

Lackland AFB inspector on the phoneProtecting Yourself as a Buyer

A lot of  Lackland AFB, TX mortgage brokers will require a home inspection prior to closing on your new house or town home. This buyers inspection provides the lending institution with reasonable assurance that the collateral for your new loan is a strong investment. Reasonable assurance of the structure; that is all that the mortgage officer cares about and why a normal buyer's inspection is requested. They do not care if some kitchen appliances don't work. Many lenders may even recommend a particular Lackland AFB, TX house inspection company that they have actually worked with for other deals. They may say that their recommendation will provide the best price.

It is important to understand the objective of the lending institution, because what seems a good gesture may be a threat to your economic interests. Let's consider this objective from their point of view.

In this case, the lender's pressing priority is to guarantee there are not major structural concerns that might put the collateral of your loan at risk if you decide to walk away from the Lackland AFB Texas property. The home inspector's second purpose when referred by the lending institution or home builder is to basically not eliminate the transaction... so they can get more Lackland AFB Texas referrals in the future. With the typical Lackland AFB TX home inspection approach containing a checklist of over 500 items requiring professional judgment, it would be easy for small check list items to go unnoticed.

Missing fittings. Breezy windows. Appliances not functioning to manufacturer specifications. This short list might be overlooked considering that it does not effect the structural integrity.

At PrimeFirst Inspections, our first concern is ensuring your financial interests are safeguarded. If your home mortgage loan officer doesn't rely on the property expertise of a qualified and licensed Lackland AFB home inspector, this may be a indication that your lender is not watching out for your best interest.

Get Your Home Sold FastHome inspector checking framing

When you close on your new home, the stress level is turned up a notch with your real estate agent attempting to sell your old Lackland AFB home. There is frequently a great deal of buyer/seller negotiations. You need to move quickly without sacrificing your asking sales price. Time is money, and your realtor probably won't work as quickly as you would like to move your home. After all, their commission is not aggressively connected to how quickly they sell your Lackland AFB Texas house.

While your realtor might be a professional marketer for your Lackland AFB TX house, there are two measures you can take to assist that process: a home warranty & pre-listing home inspection.

Pre-listing inspections are popular among older homes; however, even newer houses can take advantage of these inspections. And the payoff comes in two ways. Speed to close and sales price. In fact, home listings with Lackland AFB TX inspection reports commonly sell 11 days quicker and for $2,300 higher.

2 primary factors for this: The first benefit comes as you expose any troublesome areas that may be eventually found during the course of the purchaser's inspection.

By having an independent home inspector perform this inspection prior to listing, you have a chance to repair any issues that could hold up the close process. With PrimeFirst Inspections on the job, you won't have to stress over buyer inspections in the future.

The 2nd advantage not taken advantage of very frequently is the chance to quite easily and affordably get a home service warranty policy throughout the listing period at no charge to you. Many house owners are surprised to learn about the low-cost (and even no-cost) options for getting a home service warranty policy while your Lackland AFB Texas home is on the market (essentially a free home warranty for as many as 6 months).

The warranty company covers the cost of significant repairs while your home is listed because they wish to keep the future house owners as warranty policy holders. In addition, when you have a home warranty inspection, this repair work may even provide costly HVAC units. These inspections are just like the new home warranty inspections that usually occur in the 11th month after a new home purchase.

Then you have the choice to pre-pay for extra years of home warranty for your buyer, if you want. This is completely optional, so it is your choice if you wish to include that expense in the closing or if it is a point of negotiation. You can also just let the policy terminate at the time of closing and you owe absolutely nothing ... even if there have actually been benefits paid during the listing time frame. I know, it's a heck of an offer.

Getting in touch with PrimeFirst Inspections and checking on a service warranty plan seems to be a no-brainer.

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