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Home Inspectors Who Have Your Back

While other inspectors are looking out for your

Homebuilder... Mortgage Lender... Realtor

Our Inspectors are looking out for you!

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The Premier Irving Texas Home Inspection Company

Regardless of your position in a future realty purchase, hiring an Irving certified home inspection company may be one of the soundest investments you make to look after one of the largest investments of your life. The role of a home inspection company is often overlooked by buyers and sellers during a real estate sale. However, on this website we will explain the reasons why choosing a trustworthy service provider yourself might be the wisest decision you make as you work on a very significant transaction. Here at PrimeFirst Inspections, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards when it comes to applying the very best techniques of the home inspection industry. Amongst Irving home inspection companies, our employees are second to none whens it come to training, certifications, and most important, customer satisfaction. An essential element of our hiring approach is finding employees whose obsession for distinct service is indisputable. Certainly not only by what they say, but by what their prior clients share with us.

We take pride in the fact that you can't see PrimeFirst Inspections on any kind of "preferred" list for any Irving loan officers, real estate brokers, or homebuilders. We actually turn down the chance to be on any of those Irving TX lists, and we are proud to expand with the help of references. We have observed where being simply a preferred Irving home inspector brings with it an unethical "I'll help you, if you help me" working relationship.

Few DFW home inspection companies are proud to not get on a desired vendors list, but PrimeFirst Inspections stands by our founding principle of an independent third-party inspection. This is achieved with a property inspection where the sole interest we are protecting is that of our Irving, TX customers. Not that of a bank or home builder. Protecting your financial interests are the motivating force behind each of our client relationships.

We encourage you to read below and learn how the independence of an Irving, Texas, home inspection firm can set a confident tone for your real estate purchase.

Irving inspector on the phoneProtecting Yourself as a Buyer

Before closing on your new house, lots of Irving home mortgage lenders will require an inspection. This buyers inspection offers the lending institution with reasonable assurance that the collateral for your new loan is a strong financial investment. A 30-year mortgage is not smart if the house has issues and it might collapse in a decade. They don't care if the home has recalled home appliances. As a matter of fact, a lot of lenders may even advise a particular Irving, TX, house inspection company that they have dealt with previously. They might say that their recommendation will provide the very best price.

While this might appear like a helpful gesture since your lender would obviously advise a high-quality house inspector, it is very important for you to acknowledge the reason for this particular inspection in the eyes of the lender. Let's consider this goal from through their standpoint.

In this particular case, the lender's only consideration is to make sure there are not significant structural problems that might put the collateral of your loan at risk if you decide to abandon the Irving property. If no major problems are found, the lending institution or homebuilder has no desire for you to see a report that makes you question your purchase. With the normal Irving TX home inspection approach containing a checklist of over 475 items that require professional judgment, it would be very easy for smaller check list items to go un-noticed.

Missing fittings. Cracked windows seals This is a smaller example of items that might be easily neglected.

When it is time for your Irving home inspection, choose the independent inspectors at PrimeFirst Inspections to guarantee your economic interests are being protected. If your home financier does not trust the real estate expertise of a qualified and licensed Irving home inspector, this may be a sign that your lender is not looking out for your best interest.

Sell FasterHome inspector checking framing

Selling your home may be an anxious time as often times your new home purchase has already closed and you are stuck in a waiting game with your DFW real estate broker to get your current home sold. You want top dollar for your home, yet you moreover have to move quickly. Time is money, and by no fault of their own, your realtor will by no means share your stress. After all, their commission is not aggressively connected to how quickly they sell your Irving Texas home.

Your real estate agent might be excellent at marketing your Irving home, however there are 2 things you can do to help the marketing process: a home service warranty & prelisting home property inspection.

Although you may consider these inspections important for older homes, sellers with new homes actually see just as much value. Speed to close is without a doubt the most popular benefit, but a higher sales price essentially gives you a return on investment on the inspection costs. In fact, home listings with Irving TX property inspection reports typically sell 10 days faster and for $2,200 higher.

There are two main reasons for these results. The very first benefit is that you can fix any problems prior to the buyer's inspection. Or you can point it out to the buyer as a sign of trust.

But typically, you would like to get those problems repaired so they will not hold up the close. With PrimeFirst Inspections on the job, you will not need to fret over purchaser inspections in the future.

The 2nd advantage that many house owners do not make the most of is the chance to affordably and conveniently obtain a home service warranty policy throughout the listing period at no cost to you. After receiving an inspection, nationally-recognized home service warranty companies such as HomeWarranty Inc. will provide Irving Texas homeowners a cost-free home warranty policy for as many as 6 months while your home is being listed.

Even if a significant home appliance breaks, the service warranty frequently covers it with a small deductible . Add on to that a home service warranty inspection, this repair may even include expensive HVAC units. If you are familiar with 1 year new home warranties, this is very similar.

Then you have the choice to pre-pay for extra years of home warranty for your buyer. You can also simply let the policy end at the time of closing and you owe absolutely nothing . . . even if there have been benefits paid out throughout the listing time frame. I hear you, it's a heck of a deal!

It is hard to understand why anybody selling their home would not engage PrimeFirst Inspections and explore this service warranty arrangement when there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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