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Home Inspectors Who Have Your Back

While other inspectors are looking out for your

Homebuilder... Mortgage Lender... Realtor

Our Inspectors are looking out for you!

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The Premier Baytown Texas Home Inspection Company

As you begin the process of acquiring or selling off one of the largest investments of your lifetime, contracting a certified Baytown home inspection company may be among the best choices you can make. The objective of a home inspection company is often overlooked by home buyers and sellers during a real estate purchase. However, on this page we will explain the reasons why working with a reliable firm yourself might be the wisest choice you make as you work on a very big deal. PrimeFirst Inspections is proud to operate a best-in-class workforce of independent Baytown Texas home inspectors that are committed to carefully administering the professional standards of Baytown's very best home inspection companies. Amongst Baytown home inspection companies, our personnel are second to none with regards to training course, certifications, and most importantly, client satisfaction. And every single employee shares an obsession for delivering exceptional service beyond our client's expectations.

We take pride in the fact that you will not find PrimeFirst Inspections on any type of "preferred" list for any Baytown real estate brokers, real estate brokers, or home builders. You heard that right ... we are proud to expand our firm with the help of recommendations and we turn away any sort of business opportunities to become favored Baytown home inspectors. We have discovered where being simply a preferred Baytown home inspector brings with it an unethical quid pro quo relationship.

Not many Baytown home inspection companies are proud to not get on an ideal suppliers list, but PrimeFirst Inspections stands behind our fundamental principle of an independent third-party inspection. The Baytown, TX client's interest is the only interest that we are safeguarding. Not that of a bank or home builder. Regardless if you are building a new house, investing in a pre-owned house,or ready to sell off your current home, looking after your financial interest is the driving force behind every client we serve.

On the rest of the article, we go over the advantages of getting an independent Baytown Texas firm such as PrimeFirst Inspections on your side no matter which side you are on in a realty deal.

Baytown inspector on the phoneProtecting Yourself as a Buyer

Prior to closing on your new house, numerous Baytown, TX home mortgage brokers will require an inspection. For them, the buyer's inspection is all about being sure the home is up to par for the loan they are thinking about. Reasonable assurance of the structure; that is what the mortgage officer cares about and exactly why a typical buyer's inspection is requested. They are not worried about damaged appliances and bad energy efficiency from leaky air ducts or windows. Many lenders may even suggest a specific Baytown, TX house inspection company that they have dealt with in the past. They might claim how their home inspectors will provide you a terrific price on the inspection.

While this may appear like a good gesture since your lender would undoubtedly suggest a top quality house inspector, it is essential for you to recognize the purpose for this particular evaluation through the lens of the loan provider. Let's consider this goal from their point of view.

Top priority # 1 for your lending institution is whether they could possibly sale your Baytown Texas property and recoup the loan in case of default. If no major issues are found, the lending institution or home builder has no desire for you to see a report that makes you question your purchase. Trustworthy home inspection programs consist of a checklist of over 475 review items, so it would be very easy and helpful to not explain smaller details that might cast doubt on the quality of the Baytown TX property.

Ungrounded electric outlets. Dripping air ducts. Drafty windows. Recalled home appliances. These are common items overlooked by home inspectors who just wish to see the transaction closed so they can get more Baytown Texas referrals.

When it is time for your Baytown, TX home inspection, consult the independent inspectors at PrimeFirst Inspections to ensure your economic interests are being defended. If your home financier does not rely on the property services of a certified and licensed Baytown home inspector, this may be a sign that your loan provider is not looking out for your best interest.

Sell Your Home FasterHome inspector checking framing

Considering that lots of people purchase their next home in anticipation of selling their existing home, this transition time frame can be a nerve-racking time. You need to move quickly without compromising your asking sales price. Time is money, and your realtor probably won't work as quick as you would like to move your home. After all, their commission is not aggressively connected to how soon they sell your Baytown Texas home.

Your realtor might be excellent at marketing your Baytown TX home, but there are two things you can do in order to help the selling process: a Home Warranty and pre-listing home inspection.

Both older homes and brand-new homes can gain from these pre-listing inspections. Speed to close is by far the most popular advantage, however a higher sales price basically provides a ROI on the property inspection costs. As a matter of fact, home listings with Baytown TX inspection reports typically sell 10 days faster and for $2,200 more.

Two primary reasons for this: The first benefit is that you can fix any issues prior to the purchaser's inspection.

We've even seen where sellers will put a copy of the report in the home when showing so that potential buyers can see on their own how seriously you are taking this transaction. Because PrimeFirst Inspections is working on your behalf, you can be confident that there will be no surprises when the purchaser's inspector performs their evaluation in the near future.

The second benefit not used very often is the ability to cost effectively and conveniently get a home service warranty policy during the listing period at no cost to you. Lots of homeowners are amazed to find out about the low-cost (as well as no-cost) possibilities for getting a home warranty policy while your Baytown Texas home is on the market (essentially a free warranty policy for as many as 6 months).

If there are any major system or home appliance issues while your home is listed, the warranty will cover the cost because they want to sign the new owner's future policy. In addition, when you have a home warranty inspection, this repair work might even provide expensive HVAC systems. These inspections are similar to the new home warranty inspections that usually happen in the 11th month after a new home purchase.

Then you can pre-pay for additional years of home warranty for your buyer, if you desire. This is totally optional, so it is your choice if you want to include that expense into the closing or if it is a factor in negotiations. You can also just let the policy terminate at the time of closing and you owe absolutely nothing ... even if there have actually been claims paid out during the listing period. I hear you, it's a heck of an offer.

It is difficult to comprehend why anyone selling their home would not engage PrimeFirst Inspections and explore this warranty arrangement when there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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