Hire an Independent Certified Home Inspector in Dallas / Fort Worth

If you are buying a new home in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, you need a certified home inspector on your side to ensure that your financial interests are protected during this significant real estate transaction.

Your mortgage lender or real estate agent may have an inspector that they recommend because they have worked with them before.  While this may appear to be a helpful gesture, you may want to consider calling PrimeFirst Inspections.

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DFW home inspector certifications

When you are buying a new home, the home inspection report is required by your lender, but make no mistake . . . the objective of this home inspection is to look out for the bank, not you.

Home inspectors know that if they "kill the deal" by alerting you of rather frivolous items, that they are likely to receive no more referrals from that lender.

Those smaller items may not place the structural integrity of the home at risk, but those small items can certainly add up to tens of thousands in unexpected repair bills over the course of the next decade.

Any reputable bank should allow you to use any certified home inspector to provide all the necessary documentation for your new mortgage.  And anyone who doesn't may not be looking out for your best interest.

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