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New Construction Inspections

A new home inspection (also known as a construction phase inspection) is an invaluable service for new homebuyers who are making the largest investment of their lives.  This quality construction of your investment is something that you should not leave to chance, or to the opinion of someone on the builder's payroll.

As homeowners, we often trust that when we hire a professional builder, the builder has the quality of our home at his or her #1 priority.  However, homebuilders are often managing multiple construction projects at one time.  Due to tight deadlines and the complexity of dealing with multiple sub-contractors, there may be minor (or even major) mistakes that go unnoticed.

In fact, did you know that some states have no licensing requirement to become a homebuilder? There is no minimum standard of knowledge or experience required. It seems that now more than ever, people who have no foundational knowledge in construction or building standards are managing the homebuilding process.

Often we see that your typical construction supervisor for nationwide builders is nothing more than a glorified project manager, simply calling in the subcontractors based on the timeline that has been prescribed by the corporate office. These supervisors spend little time on quality reviews and management of the people executing their trade. This leaves many of subcontractors to essentially be self-managed, which can lead to an array of quality control issues.

While some builders may have their own “independent” quality control inspectors, we have found that many of these inspections are checklist-driven and rather narrow in scope. Let us not forget, that in these situations, the inspector works for the homebuilder…not for you.

This is why it is critical for you to have a certified home inspector on your side through the various phases of construction.  During the build, there are far too many opportunities for mistakes to be made or corners to be cut.  And even worse, there are even more opportunities to cover up those mistakes during the next phase of construction.

While your homebuilder may proudly show off their own “independent house inspection team”, you can be sure that the home inspector knows exactly who is signing his paycheck.  For all intents and purpose, this home inspector’s role is to inspect the subcontractors to see that they are following the plan, whether that is to your benefit or not.

PrimeFirst Inspections strongly recommends a construction phase inspection that generally occurs in 3 parts:

  • Before the foundation is poured and the plumbing has been installed.

pre-foundation with plumbing laid

  • After the house is framed but before inner walls or insulation is installed.

house framed with no insulation

  • After the utilities are turned on and the house is ready for a “blue-tape” review with the builder to identify any issues that must be resolved prior to move-in.

unfinished house after roof installed

When it comes to building, buying, or selling your home, you want an independent expert providing you un-biased advice.  You want a certified home inspector with PrimeFirst Inspections to have your back as you transact one of your largest financial investments.

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