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Home Inspectors Who Have Your Back

While other inspectors are looking out for your

Homebuilder... Mortgage Lender... Realtor

Our Inspectors are looking out for you!

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The Premier Jackson Mississippi Home Inspection Company

No matter what your role in an upcoming property sale, engaging a Jackson certified home inspection company may be one of the soundest investments you make to safeguard one of the largest investments of your life. The role of a home inspection company is often overlooked by home buyers and home sellers during a real estate purchase. However, on this webpage we will lay out the reasons why choosing a trusted service provider on your own might be the wisest choice you make as you work on a very significant transaction. PrimeFirst Inspections is proud to work with a highly-trained staff of independent Jackson Mississippi house inspectors that are devoted to comprehensively administering the professional standards of Jackson's best home inspection companies. Among Jackson home inspection companies, our employees are second to none with regards to training course, certifications, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. And every single employee shares an obsession for providing extraordinary services above our customer's expectations.

PrimeFirst Inspections takes a rather surprising position by almost all firms, in that we are proud to not be on any recommended home inspectors list. You won't hear our name recommended by any Jackson mortgage loan provider, custom home builder, or real estate broker. We actually refuse the chance for being on one of those Jackson, MS lists, and we are proud to develop through referrals. We have seen where being simply a preferred Jackson home inspector brings with it an unethical quid pro quo working relationship.

Not many Jackson home inspection companies are proud to not be on a desired vendors list, but PrimeFirst Inspections stands behind our founding principle of an independent third-party inspection. This is achieved with a property inspection where the only stake we are safeguarding is that of our Jackson, MS clients. Certainly not that of a financial institution or builder. Safeguarding your financial interests are the driving force behind each of our client relationships.

On the rest of the post, we go over the advantages of having an independent Jackson Mississippi firm like PrimeFirst Inspections in your corner no matter which side you are on in a real estate transaction.

Jackson inspector on the phoneProtecting Yourself as a Buyer

A lot of Jackson, MS mortgage brokers will need a home inspection before closing on your new house or condo. This buyers inspection supplies the lending institution with reasonable guarantee that the collateral for your new loan is a solid financial investment. A 30-year mortgage is certainly not smart if your home has problems and it could collapse in 5 years. They are not worried about broken kitchen appliances and poor energy efficiency from leaky air ducts or windows. Lenders want to recommend a Jackson, MS house inspection company that they have a relationship with. They might hint to you that their chosen home inspector will do a fantastic task at the most affordable cost, so that it's likely that is who you will employ.

While this might appear like a nice gesture since your loan provider would undoubtedly advise a top quality house inspector, it is necessary for you to acknowledge the purpose for this particular inspection from the lending institution's viewpoint. Let's consider this goal from their viewpoint.

Your loan provider's first priority is whether your Jackson Mississippi home can be auctioned and their outstanding balance recouped if they must foreclose on you. Besides these significant structural concerns, the lender has no desire to see their Jackson home inspector "kill the package". With the standard Jackson MS home inspection approach consisting of a checklist of over 475 items requiring expert judgment, it would be very easy for smaller check list items to go unnoticed.

Missing fittings. Leaking ducts. Poor window seals. Recalled home appliances. This is a small example of items that may be easily neglected.

When it is time for your Jackson, MS home inspection, consult the independent inspectors at PrimeFirst Inspections to ensure your economic interests are being safeguarded. Regardless of any concerns that your lending institution has with you not working with any of their favored home inspectors, you know they have your best interest at heart if they allow you to pick the Jackson MS home inspector of your preference.

                                                                          Sell Your Home Faster
Home inspector checking framing

When you close on your new home, the stress level is turned up to another level with your realtor attempting to sell your old Jackson home. You have to move quickly without sacrificing your asking price. Time is money, and your real estate agent probably won't work as quick as you would like to move your home. Afterall, their commission is not aggressively tied to how soon they sell your Jackson MS home.

While your realtor may be a professional marketer for your Jackson MS house, there are two measures you can take to assist that process: a pre-listing home property inspection and a transferable home service contract.

Both older homes and brand-new homes can take advantage of these pre*listing inspections. Speed to close is without a doubt the most popular benefit, however an increased sales price basically provides a ROI on the inspection costs. In fact, home listings with Jackson MS property inspection reports commonly sell 12 days quicker and for $2,400 higher.

There are 2 primary factors for these results. The first benefit is that you can repair any issues prior to the buyer's inspection.

By having an independent home inspector perform this inspection prior to listing, you have an opportunity to fix any problems that could hold up the close process. Since PrimeFirst Inspections is working on your behalf, you can be confident that there will be no surprises when the purchaser's inspector performs their review in the near future.

The second advantage not utilized very frequently is the ability to quite easily and affordably get a home service warranty policy throughout the listing period at no cost to you. Many property owners are surprised to learn of the low-cost (and even no-cost) choices for getting a home warranty policy while your Jackson Mississippi home is on the market (basically a free home warranty for as many as 6 months).

Even if a significant appliance breaks, the warranty typically covers it with a minimal deductible (usually around $75.) When you have a home service warranty inspection, this repair might even provide expensive heating and air conditioning systems. If you are familiar with 1 year new home warranties, this is really comparable.

You then have the option to pre-pay for additional years of home warranty for your buyer. This is totally optional, so it is your choice if you wish to include that expense into the closing or if it is a factor in negotiations. You can also just let the policy end at the time of closing and you owe-nothing ... regardless of whether or not there have been claims paid out during the listing time frame. I hear you, it's a heck of an offer.

It is difficult to comprehend why anyone selling their house would not engage PrimeFirst Inspections and explore this warranty plan when there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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