Inspecting a Shower Head

What are the things to consider when selecting a shower head

Shower heads are one of the components of a house inspection that we check because homeowners always want to have great shower pressure.  This is normally considered as part of our plumbing inspection.

Stepping under a shower and letting water trickle over our body can make us forget the days grind and relax or if you are starting your day, that same shower will make you refreshed and ready to go.

Inspecting Shower Head

What used to be a simple act of cleaning up has turned into a space for unwinding so much so that you can get lights that match the water flow from your shower heads. While blinking lights and music may not be your thing when looking for a shower head, there are some things that you must consider when buying a shower head.

Water wastage has always been associated with our daily showers. Which is why the environmental protection agency has limited water flow in shower heads to 2.5 GPM as earlier a single shower for 5 minutes could use up to 50 gallons of water. When you add all the showers taken every day by people all over the world, the amount of water running down the drain stands at a staggering figure. The new shower heads compensate for lower water flow rate by adding air into their water streams to increase the pressure. Look for a shower head that comes with a water regulator. A water regulator can adjust the flow from the head to the water pressure available at your place.

If you want your shower to be an all water and no air affair, then go for shower heads with laminar technology that sprays multiple fine streams of water that feels like more water than it actually is. Another benefit of the Laminar shower head is they retains more heat than aerated systems and leave you with a less steamy bathroom afterwards. It will also reduce your energy bill as your water reaches the right temperature quicker than the aerated shower heads.

Among the list of things to consider when selecting a shower head is what type of shower do you like? Standing under large rain shower head getting drenched with gentle water flowing all over is a luxurious feeling to have. But if there is more than just you using the shower then consider the needs of the other members of your home as well.

A handheld shower head is a great option to have. You can have greater reach and it’s easier to use for children or a shorter person. Besides the aerated hand held shower heads do not increase your energy bills as the distance from the shower head to your body is much less leading to negligible heat loss.

One last option to look at for those looking to change their shower as and when they want to is the multi spray shower head. This shower head comes with adjustable settings, from a gentle rain shower, you can go to mist or massage adjusting the pressure and water flow according to your needs. Ensure that the settings can be easily changed during a shower and doesn’t result in sudden changes in temperature so there are no shocks in store for you.

Although there are a lot of other technical details like the type of valves used and other such, if you are thoroughly satisfied when taking that shower then that’s all there is to it in choosing what’s best for you.

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